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Can we ultimately ditch that tired stereotype that females are even worse chauffeurs than guys? Facts don't exist: Men collapse extra.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's evaluation of collision data, on average, men drive more miles than women. Plus, guys have riskier driving practices like driving under the influence, not utilizing safety belt and also speeding. As well as crashes triggered by males are usually extra severe than collisions triggered by females. In 2015, 11,726 male chauffeurs of passenger automobiles passed away in vehicle crashes, contrasted to 4,750 women motorists. For the last 40 years, the yearly number of male collision deaths has been greater than two times the variety of female accident fatalities.

Sorry, people. We understand most of you are wonderful drivers. That does not change the fact that, as a team, male drivers are higher-risk; and also that indicates automobile insurance, for males, is generally more pricey. So how can males find the cheapest cars and truck insurance? And what concerning the least expensive car insurance for females?

Get married young: OK, this isn't great guidance for everybody. If you're already in a partnership with the love of your life, getting wed can reduce your vehicle insurance premiums. Insurance provider see young wedded guys as lower-risk than single ones. The insurance advantages are greatest when you're under 25, so order a ring and hop to it.

Celebrate a few birthdays: Young male chauffeurs typically pay super-high prices, so the older you obtain, the much less you might pay (as long as you keep your driving record clean). Often, you'll get more affordable automobile insurance once you turn 25; yet not every insurer thinks about 25 to be a magic milestone.